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June 5, 2014

Good Oral Health May Aid Athletes

There may be an incentive for athletes to maintain good oral health.

According to experts at the Oral Health and Performance conference, good oral health boosts performance by athletes. The reason is when an athlete’s oral health isn’t at optimal levels, his or her ability to train is hampered.

Dentists and doctors are starting to focus on boxing, based on the research from this conference and others. As a result, British boxers are starting to undergo regular dental checks. The early results have been beneficial.

A report in the British Journal of Sports Medicine demonstrated that 20 percent of the athletes at the London Olympic Games were adversely impacted by oral health issues.

Swollen gums and tooth pain may cause problems sleeping. If an athlete, just like any other person, has gum disease, there’s also a higher risk of other health problems like type 2 diabetes.

Conversely, it takes more than just good oral health to be a world-class athlete. But if someone who is already a top athlete has good oral health, he or she may get that marginal edge that some of his or her competitors don’t have.

This information came to light after it was determined that the oral health of many of the athletes from the London Olympic Games was not up to par.0414_health