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December 3, 2013

Beavercreek Schools Encourage Random Acts of Kindness

“Pay It Forward” Service Learning Project Gathers Momentum…

Each year, as part of its character education curriculum, Beavercreek City Schools carries out a service learning project district-wide. The goal of these projects is to help students understand not only what it means to be a good citizen, but why good citizenship is important.

Students and staff at all nine Beavercreek’s school buildings take part in the efforts, which follow a theme. Pay It Forward logo

For the 2013-14 school year, Beavercreek Schools decided to embark upon a project that would help students understand the value of small acts of kindness. This project, titled “Pay It Forward,” encourages students to do good deeds for others, with no expectation of recognition. Once they perform their deed, they give the recipient of that deed a “ticket,” and ask that person to a) write the deed on the ticket, b) and pass the ticket along when they do something nice for another person. The goal is to keep the ticket–and the momentum of kindness–moving forward, eventually creating a “ripple effect” of helpful efforts throughout the community.

Now that all nine schools have kicked off their efforts, the results are starting to roll in. Examples of kindnesses shared include:

  • Someone cleaned my yard for FREE.
  • Someone told me they loved my haircut. I love when they complement me.
  • I was at my mom’s school and I fell when a big kid pushed me. Someone came and helped me up.
  • My friends made me lots of cards when my guinea pig died.
  • An older person dropped their money and I picked it up and gave it all back to them.
  • I was feeling lonely and a friend said, “I am here for you”.
  • When I was at recess I had nothing to do. But then my friend came and asked if I could play. I said yes.
  • I invited a new kid that does not speak English to my house. We had fun.
  • My mom helped me make cookies for someone else.
  • A district employee paid for the groceries of the person in line behind her who had run out of checks and had no cash. They asked the person to Pay It Forward.
  • A local photographer is “gifting” a free portrait session to a high school senior in need.

For more information on this project, visit: “Pay It Forward” Beavercreek Schools