Orthodontic treatment is used to correct multiple conditions where teeth are not positioned correctly, are protruding, crowded, or have gaps in between.

Orthodontic treatment gradually shifts teeth to their correct positions through gentle force applied by orthodontic wires or aligners. Besides aligning teeth, orthodontic treatment can restore a proper bite. This plays a vital part in optimizing the function of teeth, as well as their aesthetics. Orthodontic treatment also plays a crucial role in preventing dental conditions like cavities and gum diseases that commonly occur with misalignments.

Common types of braces are metallic, ceramic, lingual, and Invisalign.

Conditions Orthodontics Can Treat


Overbite is a condition where upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth.


Ideally, upper teeth should lie towards the cheeks rather than toward lower teeth. In some cases, upper teeth are overlapped by lower teeth; a condition known as a crossbite.

Open Bite

If upper teeth do not rest correctly over lower teeth, this is called an open bite.

Unnatural Spacing

When there is a mismatch between the jaw and tooth size, this often results in an unnatural spacing between teeth.


Crowded teeth can cause many dental issues like cavities, gum infections, trapped food, and poor aesthetics.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

  • Improve your smile and boost confidence
  • Chew food more efficiently
  • Improve speech
  • Dental hygiene becomes easier
  • Reduces the risk of cavities and gum diseases
  • Prevents the wearing or grinding of teeth
  • Correct protruding teeth which are at a higher risk of trauma


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