Teeth Whitening in Beavercreek, OH

Do your teeth look dull and stained, and you are looking to brighten them in no time? Our expert dental team at Indian Ripple Dental Center can help you regain your white smile in less than an hour using our teeth whitening treatments.

Causes of Teeth Whitening

Several reasons might cause discolored or stained teeth. These factors include genetics, aging, the foods we consume like tea, coffee, soda, red wine, turmeric, other colored foods, etc. Besides, the use of tobacco products can also stain the teeth. By undergoing a teeth whitening treatment at the Indian Ripple Dental Center, these dental stains can be removed to result in an aesthetic smile. 

For the convenience of our patients, our dental office offers two types of teeth whitening. 

Teeth Whitening by Smile Perfected

Smile Perfected professional whitening system at Indian Ripple Dental Center helps our patients with stained teeth have a whiter smile without any tooth sensitivity or difficulty in only 20 minutes, taking much lesser time than other conventional methods. 

How Does Smile Perfected Treatment Works?

One of the innovative and most efficient teeth whitening solutions, Smile Perfected, whitens the teeth in less than 20 minutes without causing any tooth sensitivity. The method uses an exclusive technique of using the whitening gel along with LED technology, thus enabling faster whitening of the teeth with less exposure to peroxide.

Before starting the procedure, our dental team cleans the patient's teeth by removing the debris and stains from the teeth, thus providing a suitable environment for the effective teeth whitening process. 

Smile Perfected system includes the use of a comfortably fitting, patented whitening tray which comes with a pre-filled, specially formulated gel that contain an active ingredient. The LED light involved in the Smile Perfected system cab be used to activate this ingredient, assisting in teeth whitening in 20 minutes. 

Benefits of Smile Perfected

One of the major benefits of the Smile Perfected system is that the patients can achieve visible results in  20 minutes.  With the  Smile Perfected system, the patients will get a take-home maintenance whitening pen that will help in maintaining the whitening results.

The other benefits are as follows:

  • A whiter smile in less time than other methods
  • No teeth sensitivity during or after the procedure
  • Affordable procedure

Take-home Zoom Whitening Trays

Besides, we also provide zoom take-home teeth whitening kits for those who wish to whiten their teeth at home safely and conveniently. These kits can help achieve a noticeably whiter smile at home in one to two weeks affordably with little to no sensitivity.

Before we provide you the whitening tray, we evaluate your mouth and ensure that your mouth and teeth are healthy for the procedure. We will suggest the best teeth whitening kit to safely whiten your smile based on our evaluation.

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